Grez Off 1 gallon
Top Rated Heavy Duty Degreaser
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22701 Grez Off 1 gallon $19.46
When nothing else works, put Grez Off to work for you. Advanced chemistry powers this biodegradable, water based degreaser that can go head-to-head with traditional solvent based formulas. You can now hit heavy grease, oil & grime hard and fast with minimal impact on user and environment. This was confirmed in an independent consumer report-twice! Grez Off gets the job done without using petroleum solvents, caustics or acids-even on the toughest tasks where others fail.

Ready to Use Formula:
Gentler to the user
No Acids
No Fumes or Unpleasant Odors

Made with the Environment in Mind:
VOC Compliant in all 50 States
No Petroleum Solvents

Versatile: The ideal degreaser for heavy grease and fine dirt on:
Oven Range Hoods
Condenser Coils
Shop Machinery
Concrete Floors
Gas Grills
Garden & Farm Equipment
Much, much more!

Easy to Apply:
Available in 32 oz. trigger bottle (with adjustable nozzle capable of a tight, compact stream for narrow areas) or gallon sizes for large scale application. Non-aersol package minimizes waste (aerosol propellant can run out before product is depleted) and eliminates flammability issues.

Chemical Description: An aqueous based composition of alkaline salts, powerful grease emulsifiers and a water soluble grease cutting solvent, plus a pleasant citrus fragrance.

**NOTE**Some surfaces such as aluminum alloys, plastic or painted surfaces are inherently sensitive to alkaline cleaners. Do not use on motorcycles or glass. Spot test on ALL surfaces before use. Do not inhale mist. use with adequate ventilation. The use of safety glasses and protective gloves is recommended. These directions must be followed or damage may result.
1. Before degreasing, be sure that all surfaces are cool to the touch. Do not apply in direct sunlight or if air temperature is above 100 deg F.
2. Spray Grez Off full strength onto the cool pretested surface to be degreased.
3. Allow Grez Off to penetrate the soil. NEVER allow Grez Off to dry on any surface. Stubborn soils may require brushing or a second application.
4. Immediately rinse with water until no sudsing in noticable.

Precautionary Information:
CAUTION: Contains alkaline salts. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. In case of eye contact, flush immediately with water for 15 minutes. Contact physician. In case of skin contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. Contact physician if irritation persists. Remove contaminated clothing. Wash clothing before reuse. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Available in a case of 4 1-gallon jugs.

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