Spray Adhesive
Pressure Sensitive For Bonding of Rubber,cardboard,cloth,paper,and certain plastics. Adjustable fan spray. Suitable where High Temperatures may be encountered.
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Item# Product Quantity Price
2880 Spray Adhesive $8.31
A web type pressure sensitive adhesive for bonding of rubber, cardboard, cloth, paper and certain plastic. Can be used for light production work where temporary "pinning" or alignment of parts is required for final assembly.

Economical-Aerosol form eliminates waste due to spillage, contamination and over-use.
Convenient-Adjustable fan spray allows fast and precise application with no messy overspray.
Versatile-Fast-tack, high strength formula is ideal for a wide variety of retail and industrial applications.

This heavy duty Web Adhesive is suitable where High Temperatures may be incountered as well as uses where a clear,flexible,non-wrinkling, waterproof bond is desired.

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