Gloss Red Anti-Rust Spray Paint
High Gloss, True Color
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12698-06 Gloss Red Anti-Rust Spray Paint $5.00
A proven resin system combined with a special rust inhibitor gives LMS 100 Anti-Rust Spray Paints their superior performance characteristics. Their special no-lead formulas are non-toxic and non-yellowing and yet they retain a higher gloss not normally available in many anti-rust paints.

LMS 100 Anti-Rust Spray Paints stand up to impact, abrasion and bends or cracks. That's because their high gloss finish is hard, yet flexible enough to withstand abuse. What's more, these paints have a high resistance to gasoline and chemicals, making them ideal in industrial applications.

Spray paints are used for convenience. They should dry fast and cover well. Ours do. LMS 100 Anti-Rust Spray Paints are made with higher solids-more pigments per volume than conventional coatings. This means better coverage with less spraying.

Close-up 8-inch spray
Corrosion Resistant
Weather Resistant
High Solids Coverage
High Gloss, True Color
Chemical, Gasoline Resistant
Abrasion, Chip Resistant
Adheres to metal, wood, and most other surfaces

Shake well before using. Point nozzle directly at surface to be painted. Hold spray can 8-12 inches from surface and spray with even sweeping strokes. When finished invert can and clear nozzle.

Precautionary Information:
Use in well ventilated room or area. Contents under pressure. Do not incinerate can.

All colors are OSHA safety colors and conform to OSHA specifications and meet ANSI specification Z53.1.

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