Red Grease
Lubricates over a wide temperature range, excellent for extreme pressure applications and is 100% waterproof.
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91988 Red Grease $4.42
LMS-100 Red Grease is an aluminum complex grease designed to be used where lithium and calcium grease leave off. It has a wide opeerationg temperature range of 0 to 400 deg. F, and its dropping point of 500 deg. F makes it ideal for use on equipment and machinery that require a high hear and pressure grease.

This grease is an aluminum complex lubricant that provides extra protection under extreme pressure. It maintains constant viscosity over a wide range of temperatures and is 100% waterproof.

The reversibility (ability to return to original consistency after exposure to heat) allows this aluminum grease to not breakdown, harden, seperate, or emulsify when subjected to excesses of heat and pressure.

The molecule structure of the aluminum complex grease is designed to resist oxidation during periods of no-load and at rest for duration. The closely bonded molecule prevents corrosion and is not affected by acids, alkalies, and salt. Prevents dust and grit from migrating into the grease.

The Red Aluminum Complex has a shear resisting structure that minimizes thinning under high load, thereby maintaining the viscosity to provide good lubricity.

APPLICATION: Industrial bearings, even in chemical service, electric motor shafts, truck and tractor fifth wheels, roller chains, agricultural hutches, heavy equipment bearings surfaces, cables, pulleys, automotive hinges, and striker plates.

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