Pressure balanced metal bellows with a graphite seal to the shaft.

Pressure balanced metal bellows with a graphite seal to the shaft.


Features and Benefits

  • Bellows rotate with the shaft using centrifugal force to throw dirt and particles away from the bellows convolutions.

  • Designed to handle extreme temperatures.

  • No shaft freting due to static secondary seal design.

  • Effective 360° contact is maintained on sealing faces despite minor shaft movement and runout.

  • Vibration dampening design helps control excessive vibration.


Operating Specifications

Temperature limit:
-350C° F to 800° F ( -212° C to 454° C)

Pressure limit to: 20.4 kPa/300 psi
(elevated pressure outside bellows)
6.8 kPa/100 psi
(elevated pressure inside bellows) 

Shaft speeds to: 5000 rpm

Standard Material Construction

Metal Components: Bellows ~ AM 350, End Fittings 316 SS
Retainer ~ Carpenter 42/Invar #36
Hubs ~ 316L ss
Screws ~ 316 ss 

Secondary Seal

Thermo Carbon or Tungsten Carbide
(other materials available upon request)
*Trademark of Union Carbide Corporation

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