An inexpensive alternative to compression packings.

An inexpensive alternative to compression packings.


Features and Benefits

  • Unique, heavy duty single spring design resists clogging in abrasive applications.

  • Can be balanced to withstand extreme pressure.

  • Designed to give up equal face load during operations.

  • Positive spring drive to withstand extreme torque from applications that may crystallize.

  • Available also in cartridge design.


Operating Specifications

Temperature limit:
-40° F to ﹢400° F ( -40° C to +205° C)
based on standard elastomers 

Pressure Limit: Vacuum to 250 psi

Shaft Speed: 3600 rpm

Standard Material Construction

Metal Components: 316SS

Face: Chemical Grade Carbon or Tungsten Carbide

Elastomer: Standard Industrial Components (other materials available upon request)

Notice: To determine the type of spring required, look into the stuffing box from coupling end. Clockwise shaft rotation requires a right-hand wound spring. Counter-clockwise rotation requires a left-hand wound spring.

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