Dixie Packing and Seal offers a full line of braided packing for all of your pump & shaft applications. Shop our NUTECH brand packing, or contact us today for more info!



A-1 General Service Packing 

3000N General Service Static or Valve Packing 

S-2 General Service Packing 


S-1 Slurry Pump Packing for Extreme Service Packing 

300SA Slurry Pump Moderate Service Packing 

310 Pulp and Paper Packing 


4000 Pulp or Paper Production Packing 

4000G Petrochemical or Refinery Packing 

5000 High Temperature General Service Packing 

5000-OCCHigh Temperature Moderate Abrasive Packing 

5000C/CC Reinforced High Temperature General Service Packing 

5000T General Service Packing 

8000 Nuclear Packing 

G-1 Extreme Service Packing 

8000LC Extreme Service Non-Nuclear Packing 

8500 Premium Grade Carbon Packing 


8010 Lead Foil Packing 

8011 Aluminum Foil Packing 

8012 Lead Foil Packing Without Core

8013 Aluminum Foil Packing Without Core 

895 Copper Anti-Extrusion Packing

Valve Stem

S-3 General Service Valve Packing 

5000I High Temperature Valve Packing 

5000IJ Ultra Low Emission Valve Packing 


320 Pulp and Paper Packing 


T-1 Extreme Chemical Valve Packing 

344-SC Gate Valve Packing 

344BILExtreme Chemical Pump Packing 

344BIL-SC Extreme Chemical Pump Packing 

T-1 FDA Food and Pharmaceutical Packing 

344T Extreme Chemical Pump Gasket Tape 

359 Marine Tanks, Latches, and Lids 

360 Food or Pharmaceutical Packing 

G-2 Gore "GFO" Packing 

8000T-SC Gore "GFO" Gate Valve Packing

8100BIL High Strength PTFE/Graphite Packing 

8200BIL Economic PTFE/Graphite Packing 

Vegetable Fiber

345 Marine Tank, Latch, and Lid Packing 

921 Marine Packing 

921G Marine Packing 

Aramid Corner Reinforced

3000T-K General Service Moderate Abrasive Resistant Packing 

8000T-K PTFE/Graphite Abrasive Resistant Packing 

8100BIL-K PTFE/Graphite Severe Abrasive Resistant Packing