NUTECH G-1 Packing

NUTECH G-1 Packing

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Braided from pure graphite filament, G-1 is designed to withstand the extreme pressure and temperature associated with applications involving aggressive chemicals. Impregnated with our proprietary blocking agent and Graphite flake finish, G-1 has an extremely low coefficient of friction, as well as extremely high thermal conductivity. Through our unique braiding and coating process, this packing stays flexible, while resisting fraying when cut. For use in valves, centrifugal pumps, rotary pumps, and reciprocating pumps.

Construction: Interlock Braid
Temperature Rating: 850º F 455ºC Air 1200º F 649ºC Steam 6000º F 3315ºC Non-Oxidizing Atmosphere
pH Rating: 0 - 14
Shaft Speed Rating: 4000 FPM / 20 MPS
Pressure Rating: 500 PSI / 34 BAR Pump 2500 PSI / 170 BAR Valve

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