NUTECH S-1 Packing

NUTECH S-1 Packing

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Braided from continuous Aramid filament, Style S-1 is impregnated with PTFE and a proprietary inert lubricant. Our unique braiding technique makes our Style S-1 easy to cut and install, with excellent braid retention. Style S-1 is also non-staining and non-contaminating packing with excellent heat dissipation properties. The high tensile strength of Aramid fiber makes this packing ideally suited for slurry or any abrasive service where media is extremely aggressive.

Construction: Interlock Braid
Temperature Rating: 500º F / 260ºC
pH Rating: 2 – 12
Shaft Speed Rating: 2500 FPM / 12 MPS
Pressure Rating: 500 PSI / 34 BAR

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