NUTECH T-1 FDA Packing

NUTECH T-1 FDA Packing

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Braided from continuous 100% Teflon Fiber that satisfies all FDA requirements. For all applications in the food processing industry or anywhere FDA material is required in pumps or valves. Style T-1 FDA is in full compliance with the FDA and USDA requirements under Title 21 Food and Drugs, 178.3570, Lubricants with Incidental Food Contact, and 177.1550, Perflourocarbon Resins. Style T-1 FDA contains only material permitted for food contact use by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration.

Construction: Interlock Braid
Temperature Rating: 500º F / 260ºC
pH Rating: 0 – 14
Shaft Speed Rating: 1500 FPM / 8 MPS
Pressure Rating: 300 PSI / 20 BAR

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